2020 Lock Down Galleries

2020 Lock Down Galleries

Galleries of photographs taken over the 2020 ‘Lock Down’ due to Corona Virus.
(and some other stuff related to the current situation)

Last Updated:     01-May-2020, Added more information on lock down related subjects.
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Photography is the one thing that seems to be able to hold my attention during this period.  Not being able to shoot or get out a lot is having a massively detrimental effect on my mental health.

It is a random collection of images, items around the flat, and of course archery items, some of the images will hopefully make it onto the club website we are currently working on.  But again, that is something that is currently seeming like an impossible task.

I hope they will bring a bit of joy and interest to your day.

Building Communities with Mutual Aid

Mutual Aid groups have been poping up all over the country as a result of the current situation, but they are not a new concept.  They are a very good way for an informal group of like minded people to help themselves to help others and themselves.  They can be as small or as large as you decide, but are normally formed around a community, for example a block of flats or a street




A mutual aid group is a volunteer lead initiative where groups of people in a particular area join together to support one another, communities take on the responsibility for caring for one another, rather than forcing individuals to fend for themselves.

Mutual Aid helps in meeting vital community needs without the help of official bodies. They do so in a way that prioritises those who are most vulnerable or otherwise unable to access help through regular channels.

Mutual aid is also not charity: rather than creating a centralised organisation where one person is giving to someone else, forcing them to become dependent on yet another relationship negotiating their access to material resources, mutual aid creates a symbiotic relationship, where all people offer material goods or assistance to one another. 



If your interested in learning more on how to build a neighbourhood mutual aid network, here are a number of useful links.

Build a Network in Your Neighbourhood, PDF Document
Mutual Aid UK, Resources page

This is a fairly comprehensive, Mutual Aid Starter Pack from the Mutual Aid NYC, resource list

Controversial Content Warning

The content below, differs from the narrative provided by the main stream media and UK government

Personal Experience, (apologies for the self indulgence)

My mental health conditions have really taken a battering, this has lead me to fixate on one question, why are we here, what are the reasons, why when I was just starting to make progress, am I back in the black hell hole I was in 5 years ago?

These questions lead me to find this  information, which is in conflict with what the official narrative tells us.  Having found this information I want answers, that’s not an unreasonable request.  Questioning the people that we elect to represent us, is the right, no obligation of a democratic society, especially at times of ‘crisis’, when the normal checks and balance’s have been removed

Draw your own conclusions, ask the questions you have, accept there are many points of view

As such many may find it controversial, but keep and open mind and remember there are many different perspectives!
Views or opinions are not intended to malign or cause offence to any religion, ethnic group, club, organisation, company or individual.

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Views from the other side

As with everything, there are multiple sides, unfortunately there is also an official narrative, that we are to just believe.

The problem is, that as with every situation we find ourselves in, perspective is key.

The truth probably lies somewhere between the multitude of views. Fuller understanding and a more clearer picture can only be achieved if we are willing to listen to the multiple sides, and with an open mind apply critical thought. Sadly this is a rare commodity in the general population in this day and age were the individual is King, and more and more consumerism is all that matters, consequences be dammed.

It’s all someone else fault anyway, I’m not responsible, I want what I want, any other opinion/side. I can’t even hear that!

There’s a different view?!!? NO!

But it should be noted that the longer this goes on even the so called Main Stream News is stating to question, while countries peruse different strategies and even start to try(?) to get back to normal.

But anyone who questions or expresses a different point of view is obviously a dangerous, dumb individual who has been duped by the (Russians/Chinese/Venezuelans/Iranians/Insert Current Shit List)

Here are a couple of video’s and a number of articles from specialists, Dr’s and so called experts, who don’t agree with the policies and actions taken.  It’s up to you to decide if you think that their points of view are valid.

Additionally a large list of fully referenced facts about coronavirus, provided by experts in the field can be found here

Dr John Ioannidis

Stanford University C. F. Rehnborg Professor in Disease Prevention in the School of Medicine
Professor of Medicine, of Health Research and Policy (Epidemiology) and by courtesy, of Statistics and of Biomedical Data Science

12 Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic

The initial list of twelve medical experts, compiled by OffGuardian.
Whose opinions on the Coronavirus outbreak contradict the official narratives of the MSM, and the memes so prevalent on social media

8 MORE Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic

After the initial list, OffGuardian have compiled further lists
This is the third batch of Medical experts dissenting from the media/political “consensus”.

Dr Vikram Patel

Pershing Square Professor of Global Health in the Blavatnik Institute’s Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Professor Knut Wittkowski

Worked for 15 years with Klaus Dietz, a leading epidemiologist who coined the term “reproduction number”, on the Epidemiology of HIV before heading for 20 years the Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design at The Rockefeller University, New York. Dr. Wittkowski is currently the CEO of ASDERA LLC

Dr Alexander Kekulé

Director of the Institute for Medical Microbiology at the University of Halle-Wittenberg

This video has been removed from uTube for violating their terms, why?

Dr Gérard Krause

Head of Department Epidemiology, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research
Other Research

Dr Gerd Gigerenzer

Director of the Harding Center for Risk Literacy at the University of Potsdam
Other Research

Dr René Schlott

Leibniz Centre for Contemporary History Potsdam

Professor Johan Giesecke

Professor Emeritus at the Karolinska Institute
Professor, State Epidemiologist for Sweden
Biography & here
One thing is certainly true, things are not going back to how they were before this started.

Normal has been redefined. The question is.

Is this a ‘new normal’ we are going to meekly accept? But as we all just shut ourselves behind our front doors and put our lives on hold, (with the untold dangers this may have in store), on the basis of ‘our governments know best‘, it’s probably not a good idea to hold your breath

Our governments lie!  What on earth makes us believe them without out question now?


“I was a CIA director, we lied, we cheated we stole… like, we had entire training courses. It reminds you of the glory of the American experiment.”

Mike Pompeo

Mike PompeoUnited States Secretary of State - State Department, United States of America

Biosensors, IVN & Silently Circulating France

As more evidence is reported that there were multiple strains of the virus in various locations of the World.  The Pasteur Institute in France has published a research paper that indicates that there was an unknown third strain of the virus in France during February and the dominant types of COVID-19 viral strains in France differed from those that arrived from China or Italy.
No matter the views on vaccines, it is probably undeniable that they should be safe, fully tested and benign.  So when questions are raised about additional elements to a vaccine, further investigation is warranted
It has been said that Bill Gates wants to ‘Tatto an ID’ on us along with a vaccine, and there are numerous videos on line, of Mr Gates saying it himself.  So does the technology exist.

In a word yes.

The ID/Vaccine combination seems to be the most advocated solution and this uses a micro needle tattoo to deliver the ID in the form of quantum dots. 

The research article published in the Science Transnational Medicine, in December 2019  10.1126/scitranslmed.aay7162 goes in the details of how this technology would work and could be used.  In addition an article in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), titled ‘Storing medical information below the skin’s surface‘, describes in detail how such a system may work.

However more research is being done by the Defence Advanced Research Programs Agency (DARPA) into In Vivo Nanoplatforms (IVN), which are implantable nanoplatforms composed of bio-compatible, nontoxic materials These IVN are then used for unobtrusive physiologic and environmental sensing, as well as the treatment of physiologic abnormalities, illness, and infectious disease, via the use of external interrogation of the nanoplatforms without using implanted electronics for communication. More information on the project can be found here on the DARPA Project Information Page A more detailed description of how this would work can be read in this article A Military-Funded Biosensor Could Be the Future of Pandemic Detection
Ramblings Resume
Hopefully this was inspiring and thought proving, see you on the shooting line soon!

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01-May-2020Added more information on lock down related subjects
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