About Us


For the majority of my adult life up until reaching my late 30’s I worked in high pressure jobs that I hated and which utterly destroyed my mental health and very nearly my life.

I am still trying to recover, a daily battle, in a war I will never win.

Archery helps me to tread a delicate path. When I’m on a shooting line I am in the here and now of the shot. Nothing has been able to calm my mind like this.

This site is my attempt to give a little back, to a wonderful sport, and the amazing people that continue to supported me, and are understanding of my quirkiness.




Learn more, shoot better, have some stability in my mental health.

Investigate the possibilities and opportunities of making arrows for people.

2018, why not before?

Was taken along to a archery beginners course at Canford Magna Bowmen by my wife, who has wanted to do archery for a number of years.  It took a lot of work to get me to go, but it was probably the best thing I have since being so ill.

2006 ish, the inevitable implosion

Two major breakdowns, and the beginning of a long period of darkness from which i was lucky to survive.


Started work, and changing jobs on a regular basis, chasing the elusive ‘happiness and respect’, we are told a job brings us. All it brought was higher pressure, higher stress and no life other than work, work, work all hours of the day and night.