Postal Frostbite League

Postal Winter Frostbite League

2020/21, Inaugural Season
Welcome to our first ever postal tournament, hopefully the first of many.  Something we have been planning to do for a while, we hope you will consider joining us as well as any other postal leagues your already shooting in to have a bit of additional fun.  We do not insist on shooting another round specifically for this tournament, so just send us your best score for the month!

While this league has no formal prizes, (apart from bragging rights and general barracking of the competition!) it is hoped that if all goes well future leagues will have some kind of yet to be decided prizes.

The Frostbite Round

Three Dozen Arrows at 30 metres, on an 80cm target face.
Outdoor scoring, (inner, inner gold recorded as ‘X’)
Scoring Image

Entry Form

Online entry form, click here
UPDATE:  From the November round you are able to update your scores via the Scorekeeper App.
To update your score via this method, you need a QR code.  Please indicate if you would like to use this method, when submitting your score for October.

Details on how to use the Scorekeeper App, see this guide.

League Rules

1. League will run from October 2020 to February 2021 inclusive, (five rounds)
2. Archers must use the same bow style for the five rounds.
3. Archers may enter multiple bow styles, by submitting additional application forms.
4. Round must be shot in the correct month.
5. Archers may shoot as many rounds as they like during the month and submit their best score only.
6. Scores used in other tournaments are acceptable.
7. No archer may shoot for more than one club.
8. Phone apps maybe used to record and submit results.
     (For example Android: MyTargets*, iPhone: Archery Scoresheets*)
9. Blank score sheets, if required are available on the Asgard Archery and Ianseo websites.
10. Competed score sheets must be submitted via email, (
11. Score sheets must be submitted by 19:00 on the last day of the month, no exceptions.
12. All rounds are shot under ArcheryGB rules, (excluding Rule 307)
13. Frostbite round may be shot in ends of six arrows.
14. Details of each months score sheets, and results will be available on the Ianseo website, and will be updated as results are received.
15. Current tournament leader boards will be available on the Asgard Archery website
16. Individual tournament will be decided by highest score, ties determined by most X’s.
17. Where a club has more than one archer entered these members will entered into the team tournament automagically. Teams are made up as follows:
                   Club Team A: Top three scores, Club Team B: Next three highest scores, etc.
                   (This means teams can vary from month to month).
                   Ladies, Gentlemen and mixed teams will be selected from all ages, for bow style.
18. Team tournaments will be decided by the combined rolling handicap of the round of all three team members.
19. Tournament Organisers decision shall be final in all matters.
20. By submitting an entry to this tournament, you are accepting the rules and conditions.

Entry Form

Your date of birth (Required for juniors)
Your club name
Select the type of bow you shoot


Monthly Results & leader boards

i@nseo Tournament Management

Effective and intuitive solution for archery results management
Full information about this league, including results will be also be published on the I@nseo website 

Details of each month are available at the following links:

October 2020
November 2020
December 2020
January 2021
February 2021

* Links to 3rd party software and websites are not endorsements

When you enter competitions the following information may be collected and shared with tournament organisers, scoring systems and other competitors for example target lists and results may be published: First Name, Surname, Gender, Bow style, Date of Birth / Age category, Email, Address, Phone number, Club (and ID), County (and ID), Region (and ID), Round (unless defined by age), Disabled (Y/N), Disability info.
Entry of this event is taken as acceptance of this.